Saying goodbye

My journey was amazing and it has come to an end. I’m sad but also happy and it’s a bit of a weird feeling. Sad having to say goodbye not knowing if you will ever see them again or maybe I might, who knows. Happy because I was so lucky that two beautiful families hosted me, even tho the second one wasn’t for so long.

I have learned a lot about myself, it was not always all about sunshine because living in a different family with other values means adjusting at times. 

I really found that communication is the most important part and that for me wasn’t always easy. The part of starting a conversation and after that facing whatever it is that maybe your doing ‘wrong’ or they’re doing ‘wrong’ and is needing a change. Finding a solution what works best for both ends.

I have learned that, for as far as I didn’t allready knew, I’m fine with being on my own. It is good to chat with people from home, but also it is not the same world you live in at that moment, on the other side of the world on another part of the day.

It was good once I had met some other friends, eighter Australian or Dutch but all living in Melbourne too. In the first months I was all about making new friends and going out to meet people as much as I could and that certainly was a good thing and I’m happy I did so! I now got some Australian friends of whom three are probably even visiting me soon in the Netherlands! I also have some new Dutch friends which I will definately see back home!

And I have more sense of responsibility after looking after all my little and lovely host kids. I also know how to be a house wife now hahaha, with the au pairing came a lot of laundrys, cooking, cleaning etc. Which I didn’t mind really.

And so came the day that I had to say goodbye. My dad had just arrived and Lindsey and Jarrod made a very lovely dinner for us which they had been preparing for two days and it was a lovely evening, we played soccer with the girls and sat outside and chatted. The saying goodbye was a bit sad because I enjoyed my stay a lot, but also I had been there too short to be very sad. Alannah, the youngest one was crying and was very sad for me to leave, Grace was okay. I hugged them once again and got in the car.

Then really came my goodbye to Kat, Adam, Leo and my Lexxie... how?? Kat said before we came in, no crying okay? When I answered, “yeah we both know that is not going to happen.” 

It was arvo when we arrived at what had been my house for all this time and my dad got to meet everybody and got to see where I had been living. Weird but also nice at the same time. Playing with Leo, the last “chasy Mae”, and a bit later wake up Lex from his nap ? cute little sleepyhead. We sat outside as it was lovely weather and I hung around in the kitchen with the boys whilst Kat was preparing us a lovely dinner, dad and Adam were chatting outside. Time for presents! Kat gave me a beautiful silver jewellery box the words love always, Leo and Lex carved in it! Just the most sweetest and thoughtfull presents ever! Then it was my turn to give them the scrapbook I made for them with all the memories we made and lots of photos of Leo and Lex. They loved it and I had so much fun making it! Kats mom also joined us for dinner which was lovely. After dinner Kat surprised me with a cake saying thank you Mae with a photo of me with Leo and Lex, aaaaawwhhh! Watch the video it’s just the best moment all together?.

And so came the night to an inevitable ending, I put Lex to bed one last time which was so hard knowing it was the last cuddles. My little love?? I had tears and Kat took me in here room and we just chatted and then it was allright. Then after a bit we left and I also had to cuddle Leo goodbye who was being very cute and cuddly. I am going to miss you so much cheeky, going to miss you all, but that’s a part of it.

Thankyou so much for everything, you’re all special and my second family?? I hope to see you again sometime and otherwise on facetime every once in a while!

Lots of love, Mae



Oma Lydia

Wat een mooie foto,s filmpjes en wat heb je een mooie maanden gehad daar. Op naar je volgende avonturen in Viëtnam en Japan... liefs oma Lydia


Wil je me niet zo laten huilen?! Pff, wat beschrijf je dat allemaal mooi.
Zooooo trots op jou!

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