Soaked up in the life down under

So a lot happened in the last few weeks so let me give you an update on that! It is quite long so if you only want to read about one topic just scroll down you can see the topics marked!

The 19th of february Natasha came to visit me in Melbourne for a few days! We were chatting a few days before and when she told me she didn’t have much shifts the next week I said come overrr!! So she did?. We reunited and had lots of fun and photoshoots as always

Day one

Directly after I finished my day babysitting I went into the city and I showed a bit of Melbourne as we walked around the city. We sat down under the bridge on the yarrah river at the abory afloat, a cute little bar on the water. We had a sangria and enjoyed the sun. After that we walked to the Melbourne coffee lanes and had some dinner, yammie. What’s for desert after? What better than churros in the middle of the city on a bench and watch people? When we walked back, Natasha to her hostel and me to the bus, we sat down to listen to a cute street muzician. 

Day two

The Queen Victoria night market! Brittany joined us to (we traveled a part of the east coast with her as well.) We were at the night market in time and it was not too crowded yet, so we hardly had to wait and got flying noodles (Natasha) and Paëlla (me) and Brittany got rice in a ananas. It was all very good food and as we found a spot we could see the place getting more crowded, lots of people! Live music everywhere and just such a good and chill vibe, I love it! Brittany left and Natasha and I shared a delicious smoothie and got cannoli. We walked a fair bit to Crown and once we arrived we had our cannoli on the river side before we went in. Casino time! The Crown is huge and very impressive if you walk in, everything tells you it’s wealthy. We cashed some money and walked around the huuuggee casino, it was my first time in the casino. We learned how to play black jack and tried that for a bit but we mainly watched and had a drink at the bar with live music. It was good but I don’t like it too much so I wouldn’t go back soonish.

Day three

I did not have to work this day so we could spend the whole day together?

It wasn’t going to be very warm today,  so we got to wear a sweater which was such a good feeling, very cosy! Up first we went to the National Art Gallery and admired everything haha. Then we really felt like having some soup and google maps found us a soup place in the coffee lanes, so we went. The soup place had lots of different soups and it was soo good, we shared a delicious baquette as well. Satisfied and with filled bellies we walked back to the shrine of remembrance. We attended a service of a few minutes to remember everybody and then we looked at everything displayed inside and walked around, it stays impressing. Right behing the shrine of remembrance the botanical gardens start and I didn’t actually walk through them before. They were gorgeous and parks are great. When we finally walked out of the park we were at the far end of it and needed to walk back to the city. Once in the city again we walked up to the bus and got to my place, at this point it was allready past dinner time so once we arrived me decided to make some noodles. Natasha got to meet my little kiddos and Kat and Adam which was great and she got to see where I lived. We had noodles had drinks watched netflix and then went back to the city

Lucky thursday at Bilboards, we got in the club early and we were the only ones dancing on the dancefloor but when we left it was soo full. We took an uber home and slept in my room.

The next morning I had to get up early to babysit and get to swimming class so I hugged sleepy Natasha goodbye and untill we meet again girl! 

On sunday night I had a spontanious picnic dinner in the city in a park with Minke, always good.

9 march -Moomba festival

The Moomba Festival weekend! Mimi was here last year and so I had to go! It’s kind of a carnival, with attractions and lots of things going on, just huge. Lots of sports like waterski on the yarrah river in the middle as well. The weather was great and I walked over it with Minke and we went into a waterattraction, I was drenched but that was nice haha and I was dry again quickly. We did a silent disco tour, walking around with a group of people with headphones on with music, all dancing and singing while people around don’t hear anything. So fun. We danced some salsa at a class that was going on, we watched the waterski on the river and watched skateboard matches. The next day I went back to watch the birdman rally, it’s a contest for charity where a bunch of people jump into the yarra river from a platform with their own made crafts. If you haven’t got an image watch the video it’s fun to watch. The whole river side was fully packed with people watching and holding up signs with ‘flop’ or ‘fly’.

What happened more is I got great news last week! I had a selection for physiotherapy through Skype on tuesday and got to hear that I got in on thursday!! I am soo happy! 

It was late back home when I got to hear it so only my friends were still awake but my family wasn’t so it was hard to kind of wait untill they got up to celebrate.

16-03 New Family

Last saturday I moved to a new family  closeby because Lex is starting daycare a few days a week. So my new family is Lindsey and Jarrad with the kids Grace who is 9 and Alannah who is 7. They’re super nice an it’s very lovely how the 2 families are so different both! The girls both go to school like a 10 minute walk from the house so during the day I’m off. I still go to Leo and Lex 2 days a week and I babysit here the other 3 days and so far that has been good! This week I am getting my own car with the new family as well, how excited!?

16-17 april, Grand Prix

So this weekend I went to volunteer at the grandprix, which included to carry the flag on the grid when the national anthem is sung before the formula one race started. Saturday arvo we got together and all of us walked to the practice area, we walked backstage and saw the kwalifications of the formula one going on while we walked down there. We got the flags out and they were absolutely massive, bigger then I thought they would be. We had to practice lots and then when the sun was allready under we had a real practice on the grid with the national anthem and all the other people. After we were done I was tired and just took an uber back to the airbnb I had booked for the night at the Docklands. I came back half past 10 I reckon, I ate something because I still hadn’t had dinner and a shower and went to bed. On sunday morning I had to be there again at 7:30... reminding myself that this was my choice hahah, we rehearsed untill 10 and finally got time off to see races and all the side activities on the event. I went to look at heaps of nice cars and had some lunch and sat down at club15 to watch a ferarri race and the formula 4. We also saw racers stepping out of their cars after the race and parking their cars, it was cool looking in to the cars! The weather was perfect and I put lots of sunscreen on, it was needed. At 2 we had to meet again, practice, wait at the side of the track standby to go on. Actually do the ceremony which was cool because there were soo many people, Max Verstappen actually walked right past the flag to get to the cars as well, hellloo! ? and that was it, finished, now we raced to club15 again to watch the race. We had a view on bend 15 and 16 and could see them go into the pitstops too, such a sweet spot. We were very lucky to get to see the race from up there!

If you want to see more of the grandprix you have to check out my vlog which will be out end of this week I reckon.

So that was my past month, one month left and then the au pairing is over for me! That is because dad also bought his ticket this month and will come over and we will travel together! Melbourne —> New Zealand —> Sydney. Woehoe!

Leave a comment I love to read them! Also how’d you go with this in English hey




Loving it!! Just a few new things for me, luckily I get to hear from you almost every day and enjoy your adventures with you!
Sounds you are living a great life over there!
Keep on writing baby!!

Opa Jan

what have you experienced a lot lately. Very nice to read. with a month to go in your new host family you can already look back on a great stay there in Down Under. It's great that you get to work with Physio immediately when you return home. Well done and gives an extra good feeling for the last few months, while you end the trip to New Zealand with your father. Keep writing, but you can also write in Dutch, otherwise you might admit it😜😘

Oma Lydia

Leuk weer om te lezen😊 Blij dat je het nog steeds zo super hebt daar👍Gr vanuit hier😘😘😘


Wat maak jij veel mee!!!! Geweldig! En super gefeliciteerd met je toelating! Liefs😘

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