Sydney Baby!

This blog is about my Sydney adventure but in English!  

So two weeks ago I just booked tickets to go to Sydney for a long weekend to visit Natasha!! And then the excitement began, pretty soon I’ll be there o yeah! 

This friday when I was all set and ready to go my flight unfortunately got cancelled (never flying with Jetstar again) so our plans had to be prosponed. Saturday around 2ish I finally arrived, a few hours later again than planned. 

Sydneyy I made it! And pretty soon I walked to the train and I was on my way to circular quay station. I texted Natasha and she said on my wayyyyy and she was going to wait at me at the trainstation. Tashhhhhh!! And then we were reunited!! Finally we both have a friend in town for a bit we said to each other.? Both a bit tired of putting in effort for meeting new people and at least now we can act like our crazy selfsss!

Show me your house! Omg what is your neighbourhood?! You are literally living next to the harbour bridge and the opera house, what’s life? As long as I stayed I could sleep at hers on my blow up matress. Blowing that up with the build in footpump is a whole other story but after a while it worked hahahhaha. Because Natasha had to go to work in a bit I only dropped my stuff and we went outside to look for a cute little restaurant to have our speciality; sweet patato fries and garlic bread. After our lunch/dinner she went to work and I was off to explore Sydney. It started raining pretty hard so I got my umbrella out and started walking towards the little christmass market at the end of the street, rocks market. 

The whole city was decoraded and full of lights, which just makes me happy, rainy or sunny. I walked down George street and on to darling harbour. Around 7 I met up with Femke and I could join here and her other Duth friends for dinner. We were with the 6 of us and the girls were very nice and it was so nice that I could join. At 8:45 when we allready finished dinner I left them and went to darling harbour to be on time and get a place on the bridge. At 9 they kicked off and started the fireworks, how beautiful and fun! This way I still saw fireworks in Sydney only not with new years eve hahah. After the fireworks I looked for a supermarket and for a bottle shop. I found the supermarket, the bottle shop however was way more complicated and took me some extra kilometers to get there. After 17 kilometers of walking that day I came back and Natasha’s place, had a shower and waited for her to come home after finishing work. At 11 she came home and the fun started, a night out! When we came to Argyle at 1ish we got free entrance because that is the club Natasha works at. After that we got many free drinks to and we had soo much fun! Before we knew it the club was closing and we went out to grab some food. We ended up having fish and chips at some place and when we finally got home and layed down in our beds we were out immediately hahahha. 

Goodmorning, half asleep we woke up around the same time and got out of bed. Late enough because that was around 12 and we had plans for the day! After our breakfast we went to the trainstation and after that in the bus to get to Bondi Beach! By the time we arrived we met up with Adeline, a friend we both met and spended time with on the eastcoast! We got surfboards, put on our wetsuits and went for it, off to the sea! We had so much fun but it was hard to really have a go on the board because the waves were crazy, high, because there was  to much wind. 

After we returned the boards and got off our wetsuits we were allready tanned and had a wetsuit tan, yay.. hahaha. Timeee fooorrrr churrrooss!   

We sat down and ated churros while having a milkshake, ice coffee and lemonade and had a view on the beach. After we said goodbye to Adeline, who lives in Bondi, we took the bus back to our place. We showered and ate noodles and after we went to the observatory, across the street, uphill. Arriving just in time we sat down and watched some sunset views behind the harbour bridge and with an amazing view on the city turning into a city full of bright lights. After seeing this view we were not done and went to the glenmore to have some moscato on the rooftop bar! And guess what our view was? No more than the opera house! We sat there for a while chatting, having chips ofcourse and enjoying the view and music. 

Early.. it’s pretty early I thought when I heard my phone alarm. We got out of our beds and had a brekky. (Australian term for breakfast) And then we went down for a little walk and there we were, the opera house! Empty from tourists on this morning and perfect for some photos to! We walked up the stairs. It was gorgeous. We walked to the side to have a look at the harbour bridge. 

After we were done we then walked through the royal botanical gardens located right next to it. Because it was to hot we decided to give ourselfs a break from the heat. We got to the supermarket and got ingredients to make a milkshake and walked down a sushi place for some nice sushi rolls. So when we got back to Natasha’s place we made milkshakes, ate sushi and watched christmass movies while the heat was still going on outside. 

When we had enough and decided to get active again we got out and walked over the harbour bridge to get   to east Sydney. It wasn’t that far of a walk and half an hour later we found ourself at the entrance of the Luna Park! We took photos at the entrance which is this huge face and then walked around to take a look at the park. It was not that big but cute. Our intention was not to get in the rides and so we didn’t, instead we found a very cute spot on the water and set down on a bench. With the sun on us and a view on both the harbour bridge and the sydney opera house we now had seen them from every angle I think haha. It was very peacefull, but we decided to get someee ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream first. With our mango ice cream and coulored bubble gum we sat down at the same spot and after that we took the ferry back to the opposite side of the water to circular quay station.

We walked around and went to a restaurant we’re we ate ribs and burgers, guess what the name of the place was… 

Making ready for the night, because it is karaoke night!! Because it was a monday night we were not sure where to go and after I send a message in a Facebook group chat asking people where to go and I quickly got many people reply back. Go to O’malleys! They have karaoke night on monday nights. Okay great! And after drinks at home the uber drove us there and we looked at each other and said o is that the place? A big line standing outside waiting to get in the little allready crowded bar and we got in line to. After not to long we got in and it indeed was crowded and we heard some bad voices filling the place up with their drunk karaoke skills. It was good fun to watch the people on stage sing and if we knew the song you could hear us sing loudly to. Unfortunately when we requested a song we had to wait for 17 songs thats what they told us. It was to sweaty and warm inside so we went outside for a bit and grabbed a garlic pizza on the opposite site of the street. The guy making it was vert stressed out half burned our pizza and because we did not want to wait for a second one that he probably had burned to we got this one for half the price. We ate it on the street and went back inside, expecting that our song would now come up pretty soon. But it didn’t and the place got less crowded and after a while we decided to go home to.

Last day! We slept in for a bit and after that we showered and had breakfast and because our plan was to get to the grounds of Alexandria around 2ish we still had some hours to do something else before going there. So I packed my stuff and we went off into the city to get some last churros at a mexican place, el loco. Which was surprisingly crowded of people who probably had a lunch brake and all were very loudly and enjoying their champagnes in this early middays while we were enjoying our churros. After we finished we found our wat to the train station to take the train and after a 15 minute walk in the sun we were glad to see that we made it to the grounds of Alexandria. Not to sure what to expect we made our wat to the entrance and were immediately super happy and we both found it beautiful. At the entrance it was all decorated with christmass trees, everything was outside, and there even was a machine making snow. We walked through the nutcracker that stood on both sides and walked down to the bar where we sat down and ordered a drink. And what kind of drink! A fresh watermelon juice, soooo good! The designer wanted to make this to make it feel like you are in your grandma’s garden, which is exactly what it felt like. The whole place was so pretty and surrounded by plants in the ceiling and around us and it was such a good and happy vibe. After our drink and some chips we shared we walked down the gardens and candy canes. You must see my video’s and photo’s with this blog!! We were so glad we stopped by and got to see this. We had one more fresh lemonade and then we said goodbye to the place and not much later goodbye for now to each other. I had to catch the train because my flight was in a bit more then an hour. But not long after I was allready through security and got on my flight a bit later. Goodbye Sydney you have been amazing, see you another time?! And thanks Natasha we had soo much fun!




I still follow your stories. Fijn dat je zo.n heerlijk weekend heb gehad. Lieverd ik wens je hele fijne feestdagen down under. And I happy new year. Dikke knuffel van mij


Amazing stories, love it!! You look like a real Aussie now, so tanned too😍.

Opa Jan

Het heeft even geduurd, maar daar is je blog weer. In het Engels zelfs! Kom je ooit nog terug naar ons kikkerlandje? Fijn dat je het zo naar je zin hebt een veel meemaakt. Ben ik echt jaloers op. Hoe heet dat plaatsje nou, waar jullie ribs en burgers hebben gegeten? Geen idee. Veel plezier verder daar Down Under en we houden kontakt

Oma Lydia

Wat heb je het heerlijk gehad in Sydney bij je vriendinnetje😊 En mijn Engels wordt steeds beter merk ik😜mooi meegenomen. Nu weer terug bij je kindjes,hoop dat je het daar ook nog leuk vindt 😘😘😘


Ik lees het nog maar een keer want wat een verhalen i love it (en zeer goed voor mijn engels😜) zooo fijn dat je het leuk hebt en hebt gehad, en de foto’s echt prachtig. hopelijk heb je het op je hour away vacation ook top, huisje zag er al prachtig uit geniet lekker van de laatste daagjes van dit jaar ik zeg een mooie afsluiter❤️

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